Gaitech is announcing partnership with Smokie Robotics

Gaitech is proud to announce partnership with Smokie Robotics. Gaitech has signed a distribution agreement with Smokie Robotics, one of the leading manufacturers of the modulized open unit robots. Under agreement, Gaitech is an official distributor of OUR Open Unit Robot in Asia. As all the robotic products in Gaitech, OUR robot arms run on ROS.
Smokie Robotics, Inc. was founded to develop versatile, lightweight, and modularized open unit robots.

OUR-i5 Open Unit Robot i5 is a high-quality and low-cost industrial robot that has comparable performance, based on a modularized design, which enables users to reconfigure the robot system with 3-7 DoFs to meet specific application requirements. OUR-i5 uses an open software architecture that allows users and developers to easily integrate existing software and algorithms. Compared with other industrial robots with similar payloads, OUR-i5 offers prominent features such as compact and clean mechanical design, light weight, high precision, and intuitive setup and programming. It is especially well suited for labor-intensive production lines such as 3C industries.


Gaitech will now be able to sell and support OUR robots in Asia.

For more information concerning inquiring or purchasing of OUR in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and other countries, please contact us:


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