Gaitech was participating in the ROBOUNIVERSE CONFERENSE & EXPO

Gaitech was participating in the ROBOUNIVERSE CONFERENSE & EXPO which was held in Seoul, South Korea on June 22-24, 2016


Gaitech was sharing the latest robotic products, services and material with the visitors.
At the booth Gaitech was exhibiting and demonstrating two flagship robots Baxter robot from Rethink Robotics and warehouse robot Freight from Fetch Robotics.

Intera Baxter is revolutionizing the manufacturing world with a safe, affordable and easy to use automation solution, Baxter Research Robot is revolutionizing how labs of all sizes are able to leverage cutting edge technology to develop their own applications and innovations.

Freight robot is designed to work in warehouses, autonomously delivering goods to fulfill orders. Freight provides quick transit through the warehouse. The robot is capable of independent, autonomous behavior.


RoboUniverse is the leading professional robotics conference and exposition that promotes practical applications of robots and intelligent systems while considering the impact of robotic technologies on human behavior and implications to society. RoboUniverse brings robot manufacturers and technology providers together with business and technical professionals interested in robotics for business, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and the home.

The conference program focuses on robotics for improving the way people work, learn, and live with keen insights into human-robot behavior. The sessions provide insights into robotics markets and applications, business use cases, implementation strategies, key technology trends, and the implications of robots in our daily lives.

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