3D PRINTER CloudImplant M3 is a revolution in the world of 3D printers




Gaitech Technology is happy to introduce a new revolutionizing 3D Printer called CloudImplant M3 for medical application.


It is 10 times faster than other SLA systems available, with high printing precision up to 66μm precision for any parts of 400mm high. It has large-scaled matrix exposure volume which is up to 384*216*380mm. And the printing output is 1000g per hour. Self-developed and produced different kinds of liquid resin consumables provide the users with much lower production cost.


Gaitech Technology has developed the C3D Modeling software. It provides an easy-to-use solution for processing of 3D images data from sources including CT, μCT, MRI and 2D images to achieve 3D model generation (STL), server 3D Printer and some FEA pretreatment.

For more information concerning this product,please contact :overseas@gaitech.net, international@gaitech.net

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