Shadow Hand-Lite


Hand-Lite – almost all the capability of a Dexterous Hand in a smaller, lighter, cheaper package.

13 Degrees of Freedom across 16 Joints:
Independent control of each finger for high dexterity
3 Fingers: each with 3 Degrees of Freedom (DoF)
Thumb: 4 DoF (No wrist or little finger)
Weight: 2.4 Kg, Payload 4 Kg.
10N force at the finger tips makes Hand-Lite able to handle a wide range of objects
Compact: Smaller and lighter than the Shadow Dexterous Hand – Fits a wider range of platforms
EtherCAT Communications: 100Mbps bus for fast data sampling and control loops
ROS: Fully supported in ROS – The Robot Operating System (
16 joint position sensors, 26 tendon strain gauges, 13 motor current and temperature sensors: plenty of sensor data for multiple configurations and experiments.
Tactile Sensing:
Fingertip single channel analog response sensors included as standard. Hand Lite can be upgraded with a number of other tactile sensor options (e.g. Syntouch’s BioTac®)
The lighter Hand Lite can be integrated on a wider variety of robot arms. Mounting plates for attachment are included.