SUMMIT XL STEEL is a robotic platform for application development (logistics, indoor transport, etc.). It has a robust design and can carry up to 130 Kg payload

The mobile platform has skid-steering / omnidirectional kinematics based on 4 high power motor wheels. Each wheel integrates a hub brushless motor with gearbox and encoder (optional). The odometry is computed with the use of a high precision inertial measurement unit mounted inside the chassis and the wheel velocity.

The robot base can navigate autonomously or teleoperated by means of a PTZ camera that transmits video in real time.

SUMMIT XL STEEL can be configured with a wide range of sensors. It also has internal (USB, RS232, GPIO and RJ45) and external connectivity (USB, RJ45, power supplies 5, 12 VDC and battery) to add custom components easily.

Summit XL STEEL uses the ROS open architecture.

-Indoor transport
-Research and education
-Surveillance and monitoring